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A trip to The Great Wall of China

by Robert Burgoine


The Great Wall of the China was one the more impressive destinations I had the pleasure of visiting. Also being one of the major wonders of the world. The Great Wall of China is the very long series of fortification walls built across the northern borders of China. We landed in Beijing, China for about a week. The trip was very interesting but the highlight was taking a trip to Huairou District to see the famous Great Wall of the China. We had a relatively large group and the trip consisted of taking a bus quite a far ways to the base of the Wall. Once we got to the top we enjoyed some beers, bought some souvenirs like magnets. Quite a lot of people were just running down the wall, which after we had walked very far I was highly impressed. I probably only witnessed 1% of the entire wall. You could have walked for miles on end and still not made a dent in the distance of this wall. One highlight was when we left we rode down a slide all together and made a perfect finale for the trip. Enjoy some of my pictures of the great wall. Sadly I was on a filming mission while here, but here are some screen grabs from my videos.


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