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About Robert Burgoine

I'm a 31-year-old filmmaker and photographer based in the sunny city of Miami, FL. I became interested in film when I attended Key West High School between the years 2004 - 2007. My early years of the video were focused primarily on Skateboarding. In 2006 I won an STN ( student television network award ) and a Student Emmy award. These awards resulted in me flying to L.A and Las Vegas to learn to compete on the spot.

After my early years of high school skateboard filmmaking in 2009, I purchased my first professional DSLR. From that moment forward my passions had moved focus to music festivals. From 2009 to 2012 I started by shooting smaller festivals. By 2015 I had been hired by the international Ultra Music Festival. The years that followed until now I've had the pleasure of creating content with my Ultra Family. 

From 2015 till now I've had the opportunity to travel to Japan, Croatia, Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Ibiza, South Korea, Bejing. Shanghai, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Romania, and more. Now my goals continue, film and create content and travel as much as possible. 






've been very fortunate to invest my time and money in my photography over the last 10 years. I started roughly in school with a simple point and shoot camera capturing my friends skateboarding around the small island of Key West, Florida. As time went on I shifted gears in my photography towards festival photography. I was working as a web developer for a local fishing charter company and saving all my money to invest in my first professional DSLR. I remember telling my boss and all my coworkers during a meeting one day that I would quit this shitty job and travel the world capturing music festivals one day. Everyone laughed haha. In my mind, I thought taking pictures in the United States and England would be "the entire world". Fast forward a couple of years later I had quit my job, left my little trailer park, packed my bags, and hit the road. I was on a mission to attend festivals and take pictures. 2015 had come and I had a new goal. Timelapse the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, FL with my best friend Maxx McInerney. We created a hit series with the music event called "Ultra In Motion". Shortly after the release, I was hired full time by the monster music festival. In the first 5 days of being hired, we flew to Tokyo to create our follow up "Tokyo In Motion". From there we traveled to Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong, Rio, Croatia, Ibiza, Colombia, Argentina, China, Korea, Australia, and so many more places. My subliminal dream to travel the world and capture music festivals came true. I was then hired by the very best in the festival photography world "ALive Coverage" to capture even more events. This further pushed me as a content creator to try and achieve my very best. Today as we see COVID-19 spread across the globe and massive gatherings come to a halt. I sit here writing about myself for the first time. At this time I'm ok with everything that has happened and I'm truly grateful for all the experiences I had taking my photos. As for the future I hope to shift gears again into what now Is my new dream. I want to see all the true beauty this planet has to offer. I will always take the gigs offered to capture music festivals when they do return, but for now, I will work on my website and hopefully pursue nature as a future goal.

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